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Fans of the classic arcade space shooter in Galaxy Attack will now have the opportunity to embark on yet another extraordinary galactic adventure with Space Shooter. Indulge in the exhilarating experience of confronting endless waves of adversaries, unleashing your formidable cannon blasts, and relishing in the excitement of addictive gameplay through captivating in-game levels. Remain ever prepared for the forthcoming trials that lie ahead.

Assume command of your spacecraft as the final bastion of Earth’s defense force. Engage in epic battles against your formidable foes and devise strategies to maintain your dominance over them. Enhance your spacecraft by equipping it with more potent cannons, intriguing power-ups, and remarkable utilities, all of which will aid you in conquering the challenges presented within the game and amplifying your enjoyment of the immersive action.

Discover more about the captivating gameplay of Space Shooter through our comprehensive reviews.


In Space Shooter, Android gamers are presented with the opportunity to assume the role of captain of a space team. Following the destruction of the space invaders by the latest galactic space squad, your team is the sole remaining hope for the free people of the galaxy. Embark on a series of ultimate adventures as you confront epic in-game challenges and engage in thrilling space battles against incredible enemy fleets.

Command your ship to navigate through multiple in-game challenges and confront a variety of formidable enemies, each possessing its own intimidating powers. Skillfully maneuver your spaceship to evade enemy attacks while simultaneously unleashing accurate cannon blasts. Discover numerous power-ups and upgrades that will enhance your spaceship’s capabilities and increase your chances of defeating the enemy.

Experience exhilarating battles across multiple in-game levels, each with escalating difficulties and intriguing setups. Engage in challenging and captivating campaigns at your leisure. Most importantly, you can now join forces with other galaxy defenders in your ultimate online quests to vanquish the enemy.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and accessible touch controls

From the very beginning, Android gamers in Space shooter will be afforded the opportunity to relish in the captivating and exhilarating arcade gameplay, owing to its uncomplicated and easily accessible touch controls. You are welcome to enhance the touchscreen functionality to further enhance the comfort of this timeless game. Merely maneuver your spacecraft across the screen by means of dragging, evading enemy assaults and executing crucial counterattacks. The streamlined one-touch controls will undoubtedly render the game more accessible and immersive.

Interesting in-game levels with amazing funs

For those individuals who possess an inclination towards this subject matter, it is possible to derive pleasure from the captivating in-game levels offered by Space Shooter. These levels encompass a multitude of demanding campaigns and exhilarating quests. Engage in combat against numerous adversaries, each possessing distinctive abilities. Immerse yourself in the ultimate arcade shooter experience, as the game boasts an extensive repertoire of over 200 diverse levels for your enjoyment. Revel in the amusement provided by the game’s various quests and the multitude of challenges that await your triumph. Furthermore, the game’s escalating levels of difficulty ensure that players of Space Shooter will consistently encounter an equally stimulating and demanding experience.

Incredible bosses with unique abilities

In addition to the formidable onslaught of minion invaders, Space Shooter also presents formidable and colossal bosses that must be confronted during your in-game exploits. Feel at liberty to test your mettle against epic and gargantuan adversaries, as you endeavor to showcase your prowess and aptitude. Delight in awe-inspiring space battles and devise optimal strategies to confront your foes.

Amazing power-ups to make uses of

For those individuals who possess an inclination, it is now feasible to partake in the utilization of numerous in-game power-ups, which can be effectively employed, particularly during pivotal junctures. Feel at liberty to enhance your capabilities in order to evade the onslaught of multiple enemy waves. Safeguard your spacecraft against significant impacts and amplify your firepower to effortlessly vanquish adversaries. Unlock a plethora of in-game power-ups and judiciously employ them solely at opportune instances to temporarily confer advantages upon oneself vis-à-vis the adversaries.

Upgrade your spaceship for better powers

In addition, in order to adequately equip your spacecraft for the forthcoming trials, players of Space Shooter are granted the privilege of implementing numerous enhancements, thereby enhancing the statistical attributes and capabilities of their starships. You are encouraged to unlock a plethora of captivating in-game features and assemble an extraordinary space team through the acquisition of remarkable upgrades. By unlocking extraordinary powers, you will swiftly advance in the game.

Have fun with exciting PvP shooter gameplay

In Space Shooter, players will have the opportunity to indulge in the exhilarating arcade space shooter gameplay alongside an impressive online mode. You are welcome to join friends and fellow gamers from across the globe, as you partake in thrilling online shooting challenges. Delight in cooperative challenges with your friends, engage in battles against other online adversaries, and vie for top positions in the esteemed leaderboard challenges. These features collectively enhance your enjoyment and immersion in the game.

Test your luck and get free rewards everyday

For those who possess an interest, Space Shooter presents a plethora of intriguing rewards that can be effortlessly obtained on a daily basis, without necessitating a significant time investment. Gamers can now relish the lucky wheel, daily quests, and other complimentary offerings that can be conveniently acquired each day. Indulge in the exhilarating in-game challenges and unlock exclusive rewards at your leisure.

Free to play

Regardless of the numerous captivating attributes, the game remains accessible to all Android users without any cost, enabling them to relish it on their mobile devices. Consequently, locating the game on the Google Play Store is effortless and does not entail any monetary transactions. Please feel at liberty to indulge in the game whenever you desire.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

Simultaneously, in order to eliminate the bothersome advertisements and restricted content, we additionally provide our unrestricted gameplay, which can be effortlessly acquired and savored. Henceforth, you shall no longer be subjected to these undesirable attributes, as you shall possess boundless Gold and Diamond in Space Shooter. Merely download and install the Space Shooter Mod APK from our website, adhering to the instructions provided, to commence your enjoyable gaming experience.

Final thoughts

Prepare yourself to confront the ultimate space shooter challenges in this novel game developed by ONESOFT and explore its intriguing features at your leisure. Enjoy the game by engaging in exhilarating arcade challenges and delving into its distinctive in-game elements. Enhance your spacecraft and advance through the game to unlock even more demanding gameplay.

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