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You, the greatest and most powerful summoner, broke into the King’s castle and stole his priceless royal treasure!
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Prepare yourself for the ultimate tower defense challenge in Summoner’s Greed, where you must defend your stolen treasure from the king’s army. Engage in the classic gameplay of strategy, utilizing limited resources to set up your defenses and devising innovative tactics to counter your enemies. Experience real-time tactical battles with your impressive towers, utilizing their unique abilities to obliterate the advancing foes.

Embark on a thrilling in-game adventure and progress through multiple levels. Discover new adventures and stories within the game with your character, and unlock new powers to aid you in overcoming the challenges posed by incoming enemies. Utilize spells, towers, and even summon your monsters to defend your loot.

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In Summoner’s Greed, Android players will assume the role of a formidable summoner embarking on a quest to safeguard the “stolen” spoils from the wrathful king, who dispatches his armies of powerful heroes to your stronghold. Utilize your summoner abilities to vanquish the incoming forces and safeguard your treasures from the enemy at all costs.

Employ your exceptional powers to summon a diverse array of intriguing monsters and creatures, each possessing its own unique abilities and strengths, to establish your formidable defenses. Strategically position them on the board and utilize them as your defensive towers.

Unlock an array of impressive in-game actions and progress through multiple levels and stages to further explore your powers and tactical capabilities, ensuring that you can effectively confront the escalating threats from the king.

Most notably, the game offers Android players the opportunity to engage in thrilling online competitions with friends and other gamers, showcasing their skills in epic defense battles and maximizing their collected loot.


Presented herein are the various captivating attributes that the game proffers.

Multiple monsters to summon and make uses of

In Summoner’s Greed, Android users are presented with the opportunity to summon a diverse range of monsters, each possessing distinctive powers and abilities. These monsters can be utilized as defensive towers to safeguard your loots by making use of their impressive ranged capabilities. As you progress through the game, you will have the chance to acquire rare, epic, and even legendary monsters, all of which possess incredible powers. Enhance their abilities through upgrades to increase their effectiveness against your adversaries. Additionally, it is essential to understand the unique abilities and secondary powers of each monster to maximize their potential. By creating optimal synergies between your monsters and defense setups, you can ensure the complete protection of the avaricious summoner and their loot.

Intimidating enemy heroes and bosses to go against

In Summoner’s Greed, players will be confronted with formidable adversary heroes and bosses possessing formidable abilities. They must protect themselves against ceaseless hordes of humble peasants, lumberjacks wielding axes, ice mages, and the King’s Elite Knights, all of whom are pursuing the bounties that have been placed on their heads. Enjoy the challenge of defending your stronghold against a variety of foes with distinct talents and capabilities, which will enhance the strategic gameplay and enrich your in-game encounters.

Awesome spells to make uses of

For those who possess an interest, it is now possible to relish the remarkable in-game encounters offered by Summoner’s Greed, courtesy of the available spells and their extraordinary effects. You are at liberty to activate your time-constrained spells to vanquish oncoming adversaries, enhance your defenses, augment the strength of your monsters, and more. Employ them judiciously to maximize their potential and effectively alter the course of the conflict.

Experience the strategic tower defense gameplay

In order to enhance the game’s appeal, Android gamers will be afforded the opportunity to engage in strategic tower defense gameplay within Summoner’s Greed, thereby exposing them to a plethora of tactical elements that are ripe for exploration. Players are encouraged to strategically position their towers in optimal locations to inflict maximum damage, while also leveraging the synergistic potential of each tower in combination with others to create a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Enjoy the convenient gameplay with Auto Battle options

In order to enhance the engaging gameplay experience of Summoner’s Greed, players are now able to utilize the Auto Battle feature, which enables battles to occur autonomously. This functionality allows the game to automatically establish defensive measures or utilize previously established configurations, thereby facilitating a hands-free gameplay experience with Summoner’s Greed. Any necessary modifications to the game need only be made when deemed necessary.

Make multiple upgrades to advance in the game

For those who may be interested, it is now possible to unlock multiple in-game upgrades that will facilitate comfortable progression in this exceptional mobile game. One may unlock impressive tower upgrades to enhance their potency, explore remarkable monster evolutions to acquire more formidable creatures that can be summoned, and fortify their spells to unleash more devastating attacks against adversaries or effectively reinforce their entire defense.

Enjoy the awesome tower defense battles in multiple quests

In Summoner’s Greed, players will encounter formidable adversaries across various quests and stages, with each subsequent level proving more challenging than the previous. Consequently, the progressive increase in in-game difficulty ensures that the game remains engaging and enjoyable for players at all times.

Final thoughts

The Summoner’s Greed game offers Android gamers an engaging and captivating gameplay experience that combines elements of strategy and adventure. The classic TD gameplay is fully immersive, providing players with an opportunity to delve deeply into the game’s intricacies. The game’s graphics and audio are also noteworthy, adding to the overall enjoyment of the adventure. It is worth noting that the free and unlocked version of the game, available on our website, is particularly impressive and highly recommended.

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