Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mod Apk

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mod Apk

The highly acclaimed video game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which has received an overwhelmingly positive response on the Steam platform with a rating of “98% Overwhelmingly Positive,” is soon to be available on mobile devices. This game allows players to assume control over a vast array of over 100 Red and Blue Wobblers, hailing from various ancient lands, spooky realms, and fantasy worlds. These Wobblers engage in battles within simulations that utilize an incredibly innovative and unconventional physics system.

Players have the opportunity to guide their Wobblers through a series of historically accurate or mythical campaigns, or alternatively, they can create their own battle scenarios using the Unit Creator feature, which includes sandbox maps. Furthermore, players can personalize their units by equipping them with extraordinary abilities, resulting in captivating clashes with other units, ensuring limitless entertainment.


The Tabs Pocket Edition offers users the convenience of accessing all campaigns and sandbox maps from the original Totally Accurate Battle Simulator at any time and from any location.

The physics system employed in this edition is of a peculiar nature, as units exhibit a wobbling motion during battle simulations. While these simulations may not be entirely accurate, they are undoubtedly chaotic and guarantee a unique experience every time.

Players have the option of selecting from a variety of factions, including unlikely opponents from different eras and locations, such as Zeus vs Minotaurs from Ancients, Da Vinci Tanks from Renaissance, Valkyries from Vikings, Grim Reaper from Spooky faction, and many more secret units that can be unlocked.

The Tabs Pocket Edition provides endless possibilities for fun and games, allowing users to create custom battles and conditions according to their preferences. Additionally, players can craft special, one-of-a-kind units for zany spectacles that will keep them entertained indefinitely.


Multiplayer Mode
Workshop Feature
Unit and Faction Creator
Campaign and Battle Creator
Sandbox Mode
Unit Possession
An assortment of whimsical units

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