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Widgetable provides trending widgets for your phone screen, including pet widgets, plant widgets, social widgets for friends and couples, mood bubbles
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Sep 6, 2023
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About Widgetable

Widgetable offers a range of trending widgets for your phone screen, including pet widgets, plant widgets, social widgets for friends and couples, and mood bubbles. These widgets are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your screen and make it more visually appealing.

The Pet Widget & Co-parenting feature allows you to raise virtual pets on your home screen. These pets will stay with you and share their lives with you, providing you with a source of joy and companionship. You can also co-parent with your friends or partner and raise pets together.

The Mood Bubbles feature allows you to create colorful bubbles that represent your mood. You can pour different colors of potions into the bubble to create your own unique mood bubbles.

The Plant Widget feature enables you to grow and nurture your own plants on your home screen. You can choose from a variety of species and decorate your unique garden after they mature.

The social widgets, including the Distance Widget, Status & Moods, Notes Widget, and Miss You Widget, allow you to connect with your friends and partner. The Distance Widget shows the real-time distance between you and your loved ones. The Status & Moods widget displays the latest status of your loved ones, and you can give them a hug when they are feeling down. The Notes Widget allows you to leave cute notes on your friends’ or partner’s home screens. The Miss You Widget shows the number of times you miss your loved ones, and you can express your love every time you miss them.

Our aim is to help people better express their emotions and love to each other, and bring people closer. We hope that these interesting social widgets can help people keep in touch with their loved ones and improve their relationships. We request location permission for the Distance Widget in the app so that you can always know how far your loved ones are.

How to Instal

Widgetable is an application that facilitates the creation and customization of widgets for the Android home screen and lock screen. To install Widgetable, it is necessary to have an Android device that runs on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or a higher version.

The following are the steps to install Widgetable:

1. Launch the Google Play Store application.
2. Search for “Widgetable”.
3. Click on the “Install” button.
4. Once the application is installed, open it.
5. Click on the “Create Widget” button.
6. Choose the widget that you wish to create.
7. Customize the widget according to your preferences.
8. Click on the “Save” button.
9. The widget will be added to your home screen or lock screen.

To add Widgetable to your lock screen, it is necessary to enable the “Lockscreen Widgets” permission in the application’s settings.

The following are the steps to enable the “Lockscreen Widgets” permission:

1. Open the Widgetable application.
2. Click on the “Settings” icon.
3. Click on the “Lockscreen Widgets” toggle switch.
4. Click on the “Grant” button to grant the permission.

Once the “Lockscreen Widgets” permission is enabled, it is possible to add widgets to the lock screen.

Widgetable offers the following features:

* Creation of widgets for preferred applications, websites, and services.
* Customization of widgets according to personal preferences.
* Addition of multiple widgets to the home screen or lock screen.
* Movement and resizing of widgets.
* Hiding of unnecessary widgets



With Widgetable, you have the ability to create and personalize widgets for your preferred apps, websites, and services. Additionally, you can modify the widgets to your liking, including adjusting the size, color, and font.

Furthermore, Widgetable allows you to add multiple widgets to your home screen or lock screen, enabling you to keep track of all your essential information in one place. You can also move and resize the widgets to suit your needs, creating a customized home screen or lock screen that is perfect for you.

Moreover, Widgetable provides the option to hide any unnecessary widgets, ensuring that your home screen or lock screen remains clutter-free. Additionally, you can share widgets with your friends and family, keeping everyone up-to-date on the same information.

Furthermore, Widgetable notifies you of any updates to the widgets you have created or shared, allowing you to keep them up-to-date with the latest information. The app also offers social widgets that enable you to connect with your friends and family, as well as pet and plant widgets that allow you to take care of your virtual pets and plants.

In conclusion, Widgetable is an excellent tool for customizing your Android home screen and lock screen. Its user-friendly interface and diverse features make it a powerful tool for staying organized and connected.

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